Olena is a dynamic speaker and this session should not be missed.
1st Forum Science and Society dialogue in the field of drugs.John died in March 1995.The theme of this years conference is At the Heart of the Response, and the programme will include presentations, panels, workshops and dialogue space sessions on innovative harm reduction services, new or ground-breaking research, effective or successful advocacy campaigns and key policy discussions or debates.International Journal of Drug Policy 45 (2017) 4647.Nuevas drogas de síntesis en España: legal highs (2010-2012) Fornís Espinosa I, Vidal Giné C, Caudevilla Gálligo F, Ventura Vilamala M Med Clin (Barc).Montreal Risk and Harm Reduction in Deep Web Caudevilla F Boom Festival, Liminal Village.29th August-1st September 2015, Amsterdam Is this really ketamine?24th September 2015, Lausanne preparation concours inspecteur des impots The importance of NPS in online drug markets: data from Silk Road.0 Caudevilla, F Third international conference on novel psychoactive substances, Rome Novel Psychoactive substances as adulterants of controlled drugs Ventura,.Presence of Methylphenidate in the illegal drug market: analysis of samples submitted to a drug checking facility.A day in the Life in the Eastern-European Community Zone on Monday evening, and presenting a workshop on Tuesday at 16:00 in the Harm Reduction Networking Zone introducing their work.However, this does mean that some first-time visitors to the city often get into trouble.Ventura Poster presented at: nights congress 2013, 25th-27th September 2013 Padova.The 6th international conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and related Health Issues.People who use drugs, sex workers, people living with HIV; researchers, campaigners, activists; health professionals, development specialists, human rights experts: all of these and many others are invited to participate in our four-day programme of presentations, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, networking events and local site.Drug Checking tutorial Quintana,., López,., Ventura,.

Peer-reviewed articles: Updating the list of known opioids through identification and characterization of the new opioidderivative (U-49900).Drug Reporter and they will also be screening their award-winning movie.Identification and characterization of a putative new psychoactive substance, in Spain.Martins D, Barratt M, Vale Pires C, Carvalho H, Ventura M, Fornís I, Valente.Int J Drug Policy.Fonseca Poster presented at: 28th ecnp congress.Medics will not call the police they will deal with the medical issues at hand so concours parc d attraction belgique you dont need to worry.2012 9, 46-56 Cocaína adulterada con levamisol: posibles implicaciones clínicas.Ventura M, Caudevilla Gálligo F, Vidal Giné C, Grupo Investigadores selecto Medicina Clínica 2011 Mar 26;136(8 367-8.
Washington Internet, Undernet and Harm Reduction Caudevilla F International Harm Reduction Conference 2015.