Hiking socks should help regulate temperature, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.
The options are foam, inflatable, or combination/self-inflating pads that have a thin layer of foam and also rely on air for comfort.
Hiking (Medium weight merino wool camp (Heavy weight merino wool) Underwear (2 pairs: 1 camp, 1 hiking) Whether or not to wear underwear during a long-distance hike is a personal preference. Share your thoughts in the comments below.Guide book Water purification (Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide drops, Steripen) Giardia is not a partyso unless you want to risk catching the infamous gem or other waterborne illnesses, you should treat your water.Unless youre planning for a consistently warm-weather hike, choose a bag rated to at least 20 degrees, or grab a liner for colder sections if you opt for a bag rated to 30-degrees and.With smooth seams and the egis Microbe Shield antimicrobial treatment, these stay comfortable, chafe-free, and you have to wash them significantly less than you would a normal pair of underwear.If there is enough room in the vestibule to comfortably stash your gear?
While added comfort and organization can be tempting, a more featured pack means your base weight can increase by several pounds.

Camp shoe (Comfortable, lightweight.What gear do you recommend?Most thru-hikers look for a lightweight, durable tent with enough livable space and features to stay comfortable for the duration of weeks (or months) on the trail.If you carry everything but reductions showroomprive the kitchen sink, you need to be wary of padding and endless pockets.Can you set it up quickly in the dark or rain?Crocs are a common choice) Camp and comfort both start with the letter ca coincidence perhaps?Its literally your home away from home.Here are few recommendations if you decide youre the hiker who swears by them.Youll have to decide which type of hiker you are but before making a decision, its worth noting that trekking poles aid balance, make your knees happier on descents, and can help with climbing.Filters like the Sawyer Squeeze are a popular choice for their simplicityfill a bottle, attach your Squeeze and youre good.
You should make your bottoms will be comfortable for hiking over an extended period of time.
Down fill has a higher warmth to weight ratio but is generally more expensive, and you have to be careful to not let it saturate as down loses insulating properties when wet.

Gloves Keeping warm in wet and cold conditions is a morale booster, and investing in a good pair of gloves wont be a decision youll regret.
Stuff sacks (5, Strong, waterproof) Cup/bowl/mug/pot Spoon Water reservoir (2-3L; Playpus and CamelBak are common) Water bottle (Light weight) Gatorade Bottle SmartWater Bottles First aid kit Antiseptic Wipes (2) Triple Antibiotic Cream (tiny tube) Ibuprofun ( avoid consuming in high doses ) Sewing Needle Duct.